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Our Podcast Editing Service Explained

No Half Measures

Here at Podigy, we don’t believe in parceling out quality into tiers. Every podcast our team gets is edited to the same exacting standards.

First, we reduce noise levels across all tracks before applying custom processing to make each speaker shine. Then we seamlessly edit out filler words and dead air with an ear towards delivering the best listener experience. Finally, we mix the episode with your intro, outro and ads and return to you a complete podcast ready for upload.

What sounds better than a Podigy edited podcast? A discount on a Podigy edited podcast, of course! Let us be an advertiser on your show (a midroll ad and a link in your show notes) and we’ll take $100 off any of our packages offered.

Podcast Start up

New to podcasting? Unsure of how to get started? This package is for you. We’ll take you from the first steps of figuring out what your podcast is to having a full month of episodes completed.

First, you’ll have a one-on-one consultation with our founder, Riley Byrne. The two of you will develop an action plan for your show: the best equipment to get to record the way you want, a walkthrough of your podcasting setup to get the best sound from both you and your guests, figuring out which hosting service suits your needs, and tips for getting the most out of your interviews.

After that, you’ll work with our in-house artists to create eye catching cover art to make sure your podcast stands out no matter where it is featured.

Finally, and most importantly, our team will make your first four episodes of your podcast sound their very best with our one-of-a-kind podcast editing service. We’ll set up your RSS feed, type up show notes and give your podcast the best start it could possibly have.

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